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Caps Coin SPOT FAQ's

What is Caps Coins SPOT?

Ans :Caps Coins SPOT is an exceptional provision by CapsGold to all the traders. This platform allows the traders to trade in lower quantity contracts. It is a trader’s delight as it offers you a wider scope to understand the market trend with minimal risk.

Who can trade at Caps Coins SPOT?

Ans :All clients registered at CapsSPOT can trade. Individuals also can trade*. Interested individuals in this trade email us at spotsupport@capsgold.com
*Conditions Apply.

What benefits does Caps Coins SPOT offer?

Ans :

  • Two way quotes (buy&sell) of lower quantity contracts.
  • Best competitive rates compared to market across India.
  • Free storage [Incase if you want to hold stocks with us]
  • Delivery of coins would be tamper proof and certified.
Caps Coins FAQ's

What is "Caps Coins"?

Ans : To cater to the needs of the individual customers Caps Gold has introduced gold & silver coins.

Who can buy coins?

Ans : Any individual, traders, wholesale distributors, retail distributors, jewellers can buy gold & silver coins.

What are the different ways to buy coins?

Ans : You can buy coins either online or offline.
Online at www.ecapsgold.com [Gold 1gm to 50gms & Silver 5gms to 3kilograms]
Offline at any of our branch offices.

What denominations are available?

Ans : The following are the denominations available:
Gold: 0.5gm, 1gm, 2gms, 2.5gms, 5gms, 10gms, 20gms, 50gms.
Silver: 5gms, 10gms, 25gms, 50gms, 100gms, 250gms.
Silver Bars: 500gms & 1000gms.

What payment modes are available online & offline?

Ans : Online: Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Transfer
Offline: Cash*/Cheques~/RTGS/NEFT/Bank Transfer/Credit Card/Debit Card
*Subject to 1% TCS on all cash payments above INR 2, 00, 000/-
~Delivery subject to clearance of funds.

What is the delivery mechanism of coins?

Ans : Online: All purchases made would be delivered at your door step by a certified courier partner.
Offline: Goods need to be collected from any of our branches.

What is the purity of the coins?

Ans : Gold Coins purity: 999
Silver Coins purity: 999

Are the coins certified?

Ans : Yes, the coins are certified by "Century Hallmarkings" while authorized and issued by CapsGold Pvt. Ltd.

Can I get any customized coin denominations?

Ans : Yes, we can customize coin denominations according to your requirements based upon orders. Please email us at coins@capsgold.com or call +91-40-66612497 for specific quotes and further information.

Caps "GTM" FAQ's

What is GTM?

Ans :Global Trading Mechanism (GTM) is a state of the art concept built to help us i.e. you and CapsGold grow together. This user friendly mechanism helps you brand and company grow using our technology and infrastructure.

How is GTM beneficial for you?

Ans :This mechanism offers you branding and expansion of your reach to customers at a minimal cost.

Who does it cater to?

Ans :Bullion wholesale and retail dealers, manufacturers, jewellery retailers & wholesalers.

Whom do I contact for further details?

Ans :Call on +91-40-66612498/email: abhishek@capsgold.com for all your queries.


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